Thursday, May 15, 2014

Balance of Our Bodies

            The children were working last semester on balancing their bodies on various objects and in different situations.  We wanted to continue with the idea of balance with the children and see if they were still interested and still used various strategies to achieve their goals.
            We decided to put long pieces of tape onto the ground.  This wouldn’t really be a concrete object to balance on off the ground, but the children would still need to use strategies to keep their feet on the tape.
            We also played a video for the children of a person walking on a tight rope above the ground.  We wanted the children to see what kinds of strategies the person used to balance his body and we talked about them together at whole group time before we placed the tape onto the ground.  We talked about how the person was moving his arms and his feet.
            During the lesson, the children tried to mimic what they saw with the person walking on the tight rope.   Some of the children chose to walk on the tape, one foot in front of the other, while others chose to walk sideways on the tape.  One child tried to stretch her legs to fit the two different lines of tape on the ground so one foot was walking along a separate line of tape.

            We plan to bring the balance beam into the classroom next time but we want to have it against the wall.  This will give the children another opportunity to balance without as much assistance so they can be more independent as they walk along the beam.