Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Building on a Slant

Week of 5/19/14

            This week I had the floor mirror elevated on a few ramp blocks so that it was slanted. There were small wooden blocks and the mirror blocks to build with on the slanted mirror. I was curious as to how they would react when the blocks would begin to slide down the mirror. What strategies would they use to keep their structures from falling or moving?
            Nathan had placed a block at the top of the mirror and then watched it begin to slide downwards. The block stopped. Nathan then used his hand to push the block further down the mirror. He repeated this process again with the other block. It appeared that Nathan was exploring why the block was moving on its own and seemed curious as to why it stopped. Connor stacked four blocks vertically on top of one another near the top of the mirror where it was the highest elevation. He added the fourth block when they fell. Connor attempted this again, but now he had the blocks stacked horizontally on top of one another. He added the fourth block and they did not fall. Braden used a bridge block that was bigger than the other blocks and placed it on the mirror in the middle. He then stacked two smaller blocks on top. The tower did not fall. I’m curious if Braden knew that the bigger block would create more stability for his tower or if he just liked that block because it was a bridge.
            The sliding of the blocks as the children built their structures seemed to create a challenge to keep their towers from falling. They have started use building strategies to attempt to keep their towers from falling. I wonder what they will do if they built their structures on a lazy Susan? How will they keep it from falling down? What building strategies will they use? Will the children use the same ones or think of new ways to balance them?