Thursday, May 22, 2014

Balance of our Bodies

            Last week we were balancing on the balance beam in the classroom so we could see what kinds of strategies the children were using to keep their bodies on the beam.  It was very difficult for the children to do this so we wanted to see what would happen if the beam was next to the wall.  This way, the children would still be able to use their strategies to balance but would have that comfort and support of the wall there to use if they needed to do so.

            We noticed that the children were still using several types of strategies to cross the beam.  Some of the children who were very comfortable balancing would minimally use the wall for support and would walk forward, one foot in front of the other.  Other children who were less comfortable would walk sideways across the beam and use the wall as constant support.  A couple of the children would use one foot on the beam and the other foot on the floor so that it was like walking along a constant step across the beam.  One of the children started to go across on his stomach because he wanted to cross in a different way.  We thought this was interesting and wanted to try to think of a way to expand on this for a future investigation.