Thursday, May 15, 2014

Balance of Weight

             The children last semester were introduced to a wind tunnel – a fan with lamination shaped like a tunnel over it so they could test out materials to see how they move.  We wanted to get more specific with the children on the types of materials they could use in it so we brought out the wind tunnel to use again this semester.
            We started off by just putting feathers in it.  We wanted to give children the opportunity to see how one specific material moved in the wind tunnel.  We also wanted the children to be able to use the feathers as a point of reference so we wanted to make sure we got a good idea of how they moved in the tunnel before we moved on.
            Some of the children had never seen the wind tunnel before so it was a new experience for them.  Some of the children were excited to see the feathers get almost to the ceiling while other children were excited to see how many feathers they could get to float up at one time.
            One little girl in particular was very interested in how the feather felt in the wind as she held it up above the tunnel.  She stood with the feather blowing in her hands for several minutes at a time and would smile and giggle as she felt the wind and feather on her hand.

            To expand on this, we want to offer the children more opportunities with different objects.   We wanted to see how styrofoam interacts with the fan and have the feathers available to the children also to use as a reference point.