Thursday, May 22, 2014

Balance of Weight

             The children have been experimenting motion and how various materials react to the wind tunnel that we have in the classroom.  We have previously been working with feathers in the wind tunnel and the children have been able to see how they react when placed in the tunnel.  Some of the feathers fly a little higher depending on how big they are – but we don’t think the children have noticed that yet.
            We brought in Styrofoam for the children to experiment with in the wind tunnel.  We had large chunks out at the same time as the feathers so the children could compare and contrast how the materials were moving.  The children noticed immediately that the large chunks of Styrofoam did not move as high as the feathers – in fact – they did not even get high enough to leave the wind tunnel at all.

            They were confused by this and did not know what the reason was for the difference in height as they moved.  Some of the children literally tried to throw the Styrofoam into the air to get it higher than the fan was getting them.  We are going to continue this with the children but want to switch things up a little bit more.  We want to see what might happen if the children are provided with the feathers they are used to, the large Styrofoam pieces they experimented with this week, and also provide small pieces of Styrofoam.  By doing this, the children will see the difference in height with the same material.