Thursday, May 15, 2014

Balance While Spinning

Our big idea last term was movement and motion. We started the term by exploring the lazy Susan and how objects moved on it. This term, our big idea is balance. I would like to explore how the children balance various objects while they are spinning.
To introduce the children to the lazy Susan again, I brought out the cars that the children were familiar with. Connor placed a plastic car, a wooden car, and a small plastic car each on the Lazy Susan one at a time. He would place it on it, spin it, and then the car would fall off. I think that Connor was testing how each car would move on the Lazy Susan. At first, Jane would place a car on the Lazy Susan and then spin it fast so the car would fall off. She repeated this process many times. Then Jane decided to use two cars on the Lazy Susan. She would spin it and they both fell off. Jad placed both of his hands on the Lazy Susan and began to walk around the table, turning the Lazy Susan as he walked.

          I would like to change the object that the children use on the Lazy Susan to the wooden beads. The children seemed to only be able to get one result with the cars. With the wooden beads I anticipate the children will explore multiple ways to keep them from falling off.