Thursday, March 27, 2014

Movement of Bodies - Yoga

      The explorations taking place this week was for the purpose seeing how the children’s balancing skills could be put to use by participating in yoga moves. These yoga cards look like a mouse, cobra, bridge, windmill, cat, squirrel, mountain, bird, frog, and a butterfly.
At first the children were a little apprehensive with replicating the moves they had seen. In this picture, Jad is showing other children how to complete the butterfly move. This move is particularly difficult because of how the bottoms of their feet must meet. Olivia was also very ambitious with these moves and the other children seemed to be watching how she got to the end result with the moves. They were watching what body parts she was moving and how. Then, other children started to participate as well. I also demonstrated many of the moves on the first day. Yet, the second day of exploring was much different. I would show a yoga card and the children would immediately replicate the move without any demonstration. This time, their moves seemed to be more accurate than before. They were noticing the fine details of each move.

            On the second day of explorations, the children seemed to work together and gain ideas of how to improve their poses from watching others. In this picture, there are a few children that were working together and bouncing off of each other’s move ideas to incorporate them into their own poses. Olivia, Braden, and Marianna were looking at each other while they were flapping their “Wings” like a bird. Next week, we are going to see how long they can hold these poses and they will have yoga cards in which their pictures will be the ones to replicate.