Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Movement of Bodies

Week of March 3rd – 7th, 2014

Ms. Bolling

            The explorations taking place this week was for the purpose of testing their balancing skills in the most ultimate way. A balancing beam was introduced to see how they would use their already acquired balancing skills/methods to make their way across this object. The first time the beam was introduced, the children’s methods varied greatly. Some children were more reserved and slow in their movements. Other children sensed very little risk and would use quick movements. Also, some children would use teacher assistance to walk across the balancing beam as showed in this picture. Abby could make her way across with teacher assistance. After she tried many times with teacher assistance, she was gaining confidence and was trying to walk on it on her own. I am seeing many children’s confidence levels skyrocket after only a few steps on the balancing beam in which they complete themselves. 
            The students were persistent in trying to making their way across this object by themselves. Yet, before some students start to walk on this beam, they try other movements as well. For example, Jane liked to walk over the balancing beam. She was figuring out how thin the area was for her to walk on. She was also strengthening her balancing skills by standing on one foot while walking across this beam. I noticed many children transferring what they have learned from the incline and also the turtle shell mat by holding their arms outwards while they were trying to balance. Marianna and Jordan used their torso to lean side to side when they felt unstable. I am interested to see how adding a mirror to next week’s exploration will help them with their footwork.