Thursday, March 27, 2014

Animal Movements

           The children have been very interested in various types of animals and how they move.  More specifically, the children have been excited about how various animals eat and how they move as they eat.  The children have started to recognize that as animals eat, they use different strategies.  Some of these strategies might depend on the shape of the animal, or the type of food it eats.
            We have been exploring this with the children by looking at video clips of different animals.  We have seen these clips on the IPad, on the computer, and projected onto the wall.  Throughout this, we have seen the children react differently to what animal they see in the video.  We have noticed that the children seem to be making specific movements based on the animal they see.  Some children will comment to us about how an animal is moving but are not quite sure how to initiate the movement themselves.

            We have focused on clips of ducks, fish, frogs, horses, giraffes, and cows as they eat.  The children were most interest in these animals, and some children suggested them from the beginning.  Each animal eats differently, and as we explored this with the children we began to take video clips of the children reacting to the videos.  These videos will hopefully be shared at the Exhibit at the end of the semester.