Thursday, March 13, 2014

Movement of Feathers,
Using our bodies!

Week of 3/10/14 – 3/14/14
Madelyn Mollison

This week we explored how we can move our bodies to make feathers move differently. The children were very interested in the movement of the feathers. Many children including Olivia, Jane and Conner were moving the feathers with a blowing motion. Jad associated the feathers with a bird and threw the feathers saying "fly!"

            Abby picked up and dropped the feathers to the ground watching them float down to the ground. Reed and Olivia wanted to see what would happen if they dropped more than one feather at a time, saying "faster, faster!" When Reed was asked to describe how the feather felt he said "quiet". He was associating the qualities of the feathers with something that was quiet, soft and calm.
            To continue to explore the new materials we are going to compare them to paper like tissue paper and heavier papers to see how they react to our body movements.  We want to see how they move differently and how we can make them move. The children all made interesting reactions to the feathers being thrown or blown at them. Even though they are light weight, they all flinched like it was going to hit them. Most children; Abby and Jane for example would laugh if the feather landed on them.