Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Movement of Bottles: Using our Bodies

Ms. Mollison

Week of 3/3/14-3/7/14

The children have been exploring different bottles filled with different materials with weight and size as a factor. They rolled them, kicked them and moved them on different surfaces. Connor was exploring the different textures of the surfaces, he noticed that the bottle rolled well on the foil and made noises on the wax paper. Reed liked to roll the bottles when we covered them in the materials rather than rolling them on the surfaces. He liked the bottle with the foil and said, “Moves fast!”
To wrap up using the bottles this week, we discovered new ways to move the bottles, including using their knees and feet. Jane found that she could use the bottle to roll on her stomach and back. Olivia explored using her elbows to make the bottle move. She also tried to move the bottle with her knees.
  The children will now be moving onto exploring different kinds of materials and the ways they can make them move. Next week we will explore with feathers and other various materials. We will be focusing on how they moved them differently and how we can make them move. The children are working on their coordination and how they can move their bodies to manipulate other objects. They have been focusing on how they make things move, rather then the movement of the object.