Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ms. Bolling's Introduction

     Hello my name is Rebecca Bolling and I am an intern this semester in Mrs. Stone's and Mrs. Hughes room. I was previously a staff member in this room for about two years, and I am close to the finishing line within the early childhood program here at the University of Michigan Dearborn. I student teach in a public school setting in the fall of this year and graduate in December. I recently bought a house and am getting married in the beginning of April, so this year is going great! Within this classroom, I help foster learning and group investigations/explorations about what the children are interested in.

     We have a variety of explorations going on this semester in this room dealing with movement. There is the movement of animals, objects, and bodies. We are also exploring with ramps, bridges, and tunnels. I am specifically guiding the students explorations with the movement of bodies. There is a wide range of skills developed and strengthened when working with this specific investigation.

     Within the explorations of the movement of our bodies, we are working on strengthening various skills. Balancing on a variety of objects, center of mass, becoming able to move our lower and upper extremities simultaneously, gross motor development, fine motor development, communication, taking turns, team work, autonomy, and self-help skills are some of what we have been working on so far in this semester. I am excited to continue to guide their own theories and ideas into concrete learning.