Thursday, February 13, 2014

Gerbil Movements

            The children in the classroom have been very interested in animals and how they move.  Several of the children are excited about the pretend animals we have in the room and how they look.  They have started moving them around on various surfaces as well.  We wanted to give them the opportunity to see some animals up close and see their movements first-hand.
            Ms. Kurtjian recently got gerbils in her classroom.  Her children have been excited about them so we decided to bring them into our classroom so we could see how they moved.

            For safety reasons, we placed them in their ball so they could move on the ground and the children couldn’t touch them.  The children would be able to see them and how they move in the clear ball, but everyone would be able to stay safe.

            At first the children did not know what to make of the gerbils.  They seemed confused at first and weren’t sure what they were.  I provided them with the name, gerbil, and after that we started to focus on the movements.  The children seemed surprised when the gerbils began to roll around the classroom in their ball.  The children were trying to predict where they would go.