Monday, May 13, 2013

Weaving with Yarn

          We are continuing the weaving exploration this spring by using different materials and new ways to weave. The students have been very engaged in using the class loom that has become a permanent fixture in the classroom this term. They use every ribbon they can find to weave in the loom while adjusting ribbons that are in their already.

          This week I introduced yarn to the students and how you can weave yarn into the loom just like the ribbons. The children were very interested in the yarn itself and explored how you can bend it and take it apart. They pulled the yarn apart into smaller strands, and then put it through the holes inside the loom.

          One student had a ribbon in one hand and a piece of yarn in the other and began to weave the pieces in and out of the holes in the wired shelf. The wired shelf now holds light table materials, but I would like to introduce weaving on the wired shelf. Next week I would like to empty the wired shelf and have the students use ribbons and yarn to weave in and out of the wire.