Friday, May 17, 2013

Music and Sound

            This week the children have been looking at different natural materials and exploring what sounds they make.  The children were offered dandelions, grass, pine needles, and yarn with clear tubes.  The children were able to choose what they wanted to include in their tubes. 
            It was very interesting to see how the children responded.  The materials provided purposely would not make a loud noise if included in the tube because I wanted to see how they would react.
            The children would fill their tubes with a material, shake the tube, and look confused.  Some of the children commented on how the tube was “broken” and “wouldn’t work” and some of the children wouldn’t say anything and move to the next material to see if it worked.
            While discussing this at group time, the children commented that the materials were soft.  We are going to explore the differences between how hard materials and soft materials sound and see where that leads us.