Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weaving with Ms. Rodegher

     This week we explored the children’s interests in threading. Early in the week we brought in a self standing peg board and the children used ribbons to weave in and out of the holes.  It proved to be challenging to pull the ribbon through for some children, while others were able to thread the ribbon with ease. Once the children found they were able to thread the ribbon, they soon lost interest quickly. They did not attempt threading the ribbon back the other way. This led me to believe that their interest was in threading in one direction.

        Later in the week we had out curvy wire for the students with wooden beads to thread. This caught their interest quickly. Some observed how the bead moved along the curvy wire while others enjoyed threading beads one after another on the wire. The younger children remained engaged as well, attempting to thread the beads on the wire. They were able to thread 2 or 3 beads, and in that process they used critical thinking skills in how to hold the wire to match up with the hole in the bead. This proved to be challenging for the younger children, but with persistence they were able to accomplish the task.

        After observing how interested they were to use the wire in threading, I intend to bring in other objects to thread with the wire.