Friday, February 22, 2013

Exploring the piano

              The children have been showing an interest in music this school year.  After our exploration of the auto harp, I decided to introduce the children to the piano that we have at the front of the building.  I decided to explore the piano with them because they seemed interested in the idea of a new instrument based on some of the new instruments we brought into the classroom previously.  I chose a piano because it is a common instrument and it is possible that some of the children have seen one in the past.  I wanted to see how they would explore.

                The children seemed very excited to explore with the piano and immediately figured out that the keys made noise.  They were very gentle and used their fingers to press lightly with the keys.  I introduced the term “keys” and they immediately began to use that term when talking about the piano and what they were doing.

                There was not a lot of verbal language coming from the children as they explored.  They seemed interested in the different notes but did not seem to make the connection about the ascending or descending pitch as they moved down the piano.  Most of the children seemed interested in the ability to make sound by pressing on a key.  I would like to explore this instrument again with the children to see how they will react to continued exposures.