Friday, February 1, 2013

February 2013

     It is hard to believe another month has come and gone!  It has been very exciting to see the children come back into the classroom and get excited about the interesting things we are exploring.  Our interns, Ms. Stine, Ms. Kerby, and Ms. Gingell are exploring various aspects of habitats with the children.  We are doing this through sand, paint, collaging, noises and music, and interactions with materials around the classroom.  We have also been exploring with clay and weaving, giving the children an opportunity to explore and use various strategies to interact with the materials.  We will update the progress of these investigations through photos and written documentation which we will post on our classroom blog.  The teachers are beginning to think about which children are interested in specific aspects of our investigations so we can form our learning groups.  When we do this, we will update our board at the front of the classroom.

     As you know, the weather in Michigan is very unpredictable!  It is important to make sure the children are prepared for the weather if we get the opportunity to go outside at school.  If snowpants, boots, and mittens are brought to school, we will make sure they are put on your child before we go outside.  Please remember to label each item from home with your child’s name.  This makes things much easier when trying to remember which apparel belongs to which child.

      We also wanted to remind you that the week of Feb. 25th through March 1st is our spring break.  There is no school this week.  We return to school the following week.

     As always, if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to ask!  Have a wonderful month.

Catie Stone and Charlene Rodegher