Monday, March 2, 2015

Building Strategies Learning Group Summary Weeks 1-7 Continued (4)

We decided to reintroduce mirror blocks in in the sandbox on a tabletop.  Again, by removing them from the other blocks in the block area, they would be easier for the children to focus on building with.  We set up a few provocations in the sandbox for the children to see examples of other ways they could build with the blocks besides just stacking the blocks up.  We asked the children, “How can you build?” It was during this time we also heard the children begin to count as they would stack the blocks, “One, two, three…”

The children began to bring other items over to the sandbox.  Many children began to bring the small cars and trucks over. They experimented with maneuvering the cars around the blocks.  This is where are discussion of tunnels began.  We worked with the children to construct simple tunnels in which we could experiment together to see if our cars would or would not fit through.