Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tumble Mat

            Over the course of last semester and this semester, the children have been working on their bodies and how to balance them.  This is very important at their age because they are gaining a lot of body awareness and learning that they have control over how their bodies move.  We wanted to offer the children multiple opportunities to explore that this term as it if something they are still very curious about.
            Last time, the children had the opportunity to walk on the balance beam.  This was a good way to see how their strategies would chance depending on how comfortable they were on the beam and with their own body movements.  We saw a range of strategies used by the children.
            To continue this with the children, we brought a tumble mat into the classroom.  This gave the children the opportunity to practice their balancing in a different way.  We first looked at videos of gymnasts performing floor routines and talked about how they were moving their bodies. 
            The children loved this and began to try some different ways of manipulating their own bodies.  We saw some of the yoga poses that the children had worked on last semester incorporated with some new moves that might have been inspired by the gymnastics we were talking about.

            Throughout this experience we were able to see lots of new ways of moving on the part of the children and they were able to watch and each other and challenge each other.  We are going to bring in the shadow screen next week so the children can watch their bodies and the bodies of the other children as they move about.