Monday, November 18, 2013

Colored Light

     Over the past few weeks the children have been looking at light and how it can be various colors.  They have also been looking at how they can manipulate those various colors of light.  We have been working with flashlights a lot this term so I brought them out for the children again to use.  This time I put different colored cellophane over the light and taped it on so the children would be able to see different colors in the light beams when they used the flashlights.

     It was neat to see the reaction of the various children.  Some of the younger children were excited to just see that the light was different colors.  They would look at the light, and then look at how it shone on the mirror and wall.

     Some of the other children would take two different colored flashlights and shine them at each other.  I think some of them were doing this to see if they could get the colors to change or mix.  One of the children took two different colored flashlights and shone them on the wall next to each other, again, I think she was trying to see if she could change the colors somehow or get them to combine.  

     Because of these observations, I think it might be neat to use little sphere lights, meant for water arrangements, and use them with paint.  The children would still be able to see the light under the paint, but it would also give some of those children who were interested in mixing colors the opportunity to do so.