Tuesday, September 17, 2013


     At the beginning of the term we introduced the children to multiple types of light sources.  We brought flashlights into the classroom, let them explore with tap lights, introduced the children to our light table, and brought in the projector.
     We noticed that the children were very excited about the flashlights and how they could move and manipulate the light source.  They would take the flashlights and move them about the classroom, shining them on various items and surfaces.  Since there seemed to be an interest in how the light moved, we wanted to bring in a stationary light source for the children to see how they would react.

     The children seemed very interested to see where the light was coming from.  We set the projector on a shelf and projected light onto the wall across from it.  Many of the children were attracted to the light, where it was coming from, and would put their fingers up to it.  They followed the light to the wall and noticed there were shadows.  The children noticed their shadows, but not all of them were quite sure where the shadow was coming from.  They also noticed shadows of other children and adults in the area.  A few of the children also began to interact with the shadows.  We are excited to see where the idea of shadows leads us.