Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tracing Water Flow

The children have been looking at fountains.  They recently saw photographs of fountains projected onto the wall and we were talking about how the water moves.  The children seem interested in the movement of the water and how it sometimes goes “down then up” in a fountain and how sometimes it goes “up then down.” 

Since this seemed to be something the children were interested in, we decided to expand on it.  We printed off some photos of more fountains, and put them on the light table.  We then covered the table with cellophane and gave the children dry erase markers.  We wanted to see if the children would use the markers to trace the path of the water as it moved down (or up!)

The children seemed to be excited about how the water moved.  Although it is still difficult for some children to manipulate their markers the way they want, they were able to demonstrate through actions and words what they knew about the path of water down a fountain.  Words like “fall,” “down,” and “move” were used by the children.  Some of the children moved their arms to show us how the water moves.