Friday, September 21, 2012

How does water move?

     We noticed an interest with water very early on in the semester.  The children love to scoop, pour, and touch the water.  Mrs. Paris found a two-tiered planter at her house and brought it in for the children to explore.  The top tier has holes at the bottom, so the children can see how the water flows down to the bottom tier.

     There seemed to be a large interest with the children when water was brought to explore with the planter.  The children started to notice the downward motion of the water and even though some were not able to tell us with words what they noticed, they could show us with their actions.  For instance, some of the children began to put cups under the top tier of the planter to catch the water as it fell.  They understood that it was coming out of the bottom, and knew if they placed their cup underneath, they would catch some water.

     This was very interesting to us, so we are thinking of new ways to explore some of the same ideas with the children, building on what they seem to already know.  If you have any suggestions, we would love to hear them!